Monday, May 22, 2006

Orin Zorda

•In Transit with Two Ships and Hundreds of Refugees•

Packed in like droids in a transport, we were on our way to meet up with the Redemption. The Captain, who had been hurt in the battle was finally healed, the hole in his hand completely mended. I was also out of the bacta tank, which always makes me happy. So all we needed was a plan, what to do with hundreds of Nikto refugees. That question occupied quite a bit of space and time in our lives. But, being that we were located on a Hutt transport, with no good way of getting back on the Redemption, it’s not like we had much else to do.

While pondering our situation, the ship came across and beacon signal. It was on a distress call frequency, but the transmission was not a call for help. Jay called us up to the bridge to see and hear for ourselves. At first, the signal said “may the force be with you.” But after some time, perhaps 10 minutes, the message changed to “Zorda Enterprises.” To the Jedi, this all seemed to make sense, to me, none whatsoever. It was a distress call, of sorts, so it was decided to go investigate. Our meandering course was changed to one with a destination and purpose in mind, to intercept the source of the signal. B’nar was contacted on the Redemption and brought up to speed on the plan. He wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of the Captain undertaking a new mission while still not quite done with the last mission. I wasn’t in bacta, so I wasn’t going to complain, all we were doing was checking out a strange signal.

Upon reaching the signal source, it was discovered that it wasn’t produced by a satellite, but by a small escape-like vessel. Tassik and the Captain felt that something/someone within the force on the vessel, so the order was given to tow the vessel into the recently emptied 2nd cargo hold of the Hutt ship.

The small dark copper color vessel sat silently as we approached it in the cargo bay. The doors had been locked behind us to ensure safety, both of us and any potentially over curious Nikto. We were all armed, but hadn’t drawn our weapons yet. At first, nothing happened. Curious, I went over and tried to peer through the small transperisteel window. I saw nothing, so I knocked. Still nothing from the ship, but Grif and Tassik’s faces were certainly worth seeing. Grif told me to get away from the ship, and Tassik scolded me that my actions weren’t all that smart. I figured if there was any danger to be had from the vessel occupants, the Captain wouldn’t have brought it on our ship. Grif used the force to announce our presence, which worked much better than my knocking on the hull.

The hatch slid open slowly, revealing a tall human man. Cloaked in Jedi robes, it was hard to see what his face looked like, obscured as it was by Jedi robes and shadows. Both Grif and Tassik stood tensed, but their weapons hung at their sides. After an awkward silence, the Captain introduced himself and the ship. Then the Jedi introduced himself. And then we were drawn into the mission of Orin Zorda.