Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Short Introduction

The character of Cpt. Jardena R. Oneida was created for a Star Wars role playing game. Initially, she was simply a combat hacker, an officer who went in with the clones to infiltrate the enemy, to reprogram or destroy them. After two sessions, we all realized that she and another character would be around for a while, so I went about creating a back story for her. She is from Naboo, and was one of Queen Amidala's original handmaidens. There was enough mystery about the exact number of handmaidens that I felt comfortable making her one. I also gave her a history with Captain Typho. So as a disclaimer, this blog has nothing to do with the story line that the Captain Typho Blog is doing, very different.

The character left Naboo to join the Naval Academy at the request of the Queen and Captain Panaka, who felt that having well trained people on the inside of the military would benefit Naboo. Two other handmaidens eventually joined an Academy. While happy to serve her planet and Queen, Oneida is a farm girl at heart, and really wants out of the military after about 8 years. Her military liaison with Naboo is Captain Typho, who tries to help her get discharged from the Navy, but then the Clone Wars break out, preventing her from leaving the Navy.

This story starts about 24 or so hours before Order 66, and continues on from there. It is done in a diary format. There will also be segments that review the characters earlier life, and perhaps the story told from the point of view of Oneida's new captain


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