Wednesday, December 14, 2005

New Ship

I have a little time now, so I’ll go back to our landing on the Redemption. Once we were on board, there was some interesting maneuvering on the part of the pilot. I am 90% sure spent most of that initial time in or near the sickbay. As the ship dropped, then lurched and shifted, my droid hovered beside me, oblivious to most of it. Watching it, I realized that I should probably turn it off and deactivate its tracking signal, once it was safe to let go of my seat, of course.

Once safely in hyperspace, the Captain came to speak with us. He felt the need to dispose of my droid all together, but fortunately cooler heads prevailed, mine. I kept my deck out of sight as much as possible. The pharmacy tech and Captain were very worried about Tassik, with reason. They spoke openly about what to do for the old Jedi, apparently not noticing the braid. “He’s not old, he’s only a padawan,” I told them I thought he was around 18 years old. That worried them even more, and exceeded what they could do for him on the ship. And I think at that point they actually fully realized I was there. Not that I wanted attention. I suspect one of them might be a force type, or at least very Jedi oriented.

I wasn’t sure of what to think of the Captain. At that particular moment though, I wasn’t really inclined to trust anyone. I’d also met his visual type before, and we rarely got along. But Tassik didn’t seem to be too worried about him, so until Tassik is worried, I’d work with this guy. Anyways, my first and only priority was to get Tassik somewhere safe, not make friends and impress people. The pharmacy tech, Leliog, patched up my arm. I must have gotten shot, I don’t remember it. My fingers still hurt terribly from our original mission, several of them broken. She helped with that as well. I waited in sickbay until Tassik had enough strength to walk round.

When he did, we actually went and had a sit down talk with the Captain, whose name is Griflan Hanna. Now that I’ve actually some down time, and gotten to think things over, I’m a little less hostile towards him. Grif is a tall man, a bit unkempt, longish scruffy hair. His walk is interesting; it’s got some swagger to, some authority, but also a sense of hesitance. Very interesting, I think it suggests a complicated life story, but I’m not sure, it could just be an inner ear problem. He seems to be honest enough and very intent on helping. And Tassik has voiced no concern about the man.

We found him in the mess hall. It’s a fairly warm cozy place. Obviously someone had taken the time to make the place look inviting; it almost has the feel of a Naboo country kitchen. It was a nice contrast to the usual metal and transparisteel. We walked over to the table, both of us waited to be asked to sit. This seemed to puzzle the Captain for a moment, but then he jumped up and said ‘please, sit, be comfortable’. We sat down across from him. I watched him plop back down in his chair with little grace but complete confidence in where he would land. Overall, his movement seemed to lack any grace, but also contained a certainty of his motions and movements that had yet to be betrayed or disappointed, it was a curious balance. The best way I can put it is that he wouldn’t fall off walking the tightrope, but he wouldn’t look very good doing it, great ability without finesse or precision. His body and face indicate he’s known hard work, I would suppose him to be in his late 30’s. His facial demeanor seems to indicate fairly high self worth. I would guess him to be a kind person. There is also something behind his eyes when he looks at Tassik. I’m not sure if it’s sadness or something else along that line, but I can’t place it at this time.

We had already made our introductions, so most of the formality was past. Tassik was the one who wanted to do most of the talking, or at least had the most questions. We did go over a point we had discussed earlier, Tassik and I needed to change our names. Tassik had already given it some thought, more than me; he already had a new name chosen. It would take me a little longer to put a new name to a new and evolving identity. Then the captain filled us in on what had been happening in the galaxy. He told us that all Jedi were considered enemies of the state, that most had been killed, that the clones were not insane or affected, that the Republic was no more.

Internally, a large part of my inner sense of self collapsed in a massive cluttered pile. No neat way to box it up to deal with it in pieces. It was hard, but I’d like to think I maintained some semblance of composure, no idea if I did. But despite it all, the deepest part of my being, my core, remained unchanged, undamaged. Despite 12 years of military time, I was an officer second. First, and foremost, I was a woman of Naboo, an agent of her security forces, dedicated to the safety and well being of all who resided upon her. But it did take some time for the dust to clear, to see past the wreckage.

Now knowing what I did, I had to ask him what his intentions regarding us were. It was a question designed not only to find out the stated, but also to gauge his reaction. Surprising and blunt questions can throw a person off guard and sometimes shed some light on their true intent. I think I insulted him with the question, he seemed to have taken the question as whether he’s turn us over to the new Empire. He apparently intends to let us stay as long as necessary, which I appreciate greatly. Actually, when I think back on it, I think his ego was quite miffed. In an attempt to show his honesty and sincerity, he told Tassik to use the force, scan him and his intents. I suspect that Tassik might have already done so, but with Force matters, I prefer to stay silent. The exchange was strange to my eyes. They seemed to stare intently into each others eyes for some time. Apparently one can’t be modest or shy when wanting to scan another being, or polite. Though perhaps it’s just on Naboo where staring intently at another is a bit rude and improper.

One truly positive thing came out of our kitchen meeting; it seems that the Captain knows a relief doctor with some experience in force injuries. All we have to do is find her, which, seeing how he said it, makes me think Tassik and I will have some down time as we travel.


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