Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Kintan cont.

The next day, the non-combatants, mainly women, children and the infirm, were loaded onto the Redemption and sent ahead. About 6-12 hours later, the sensors at the small space port picked up the signal of an incoming ship, one that matched a typical Hutt transport vessel. The contact had been very willing to help, and was arriving promptly. The ship was fairly large, I’d never seen one in person before, only in pictures or holoprojections. It landed at the space port with ease. Tassik was standing near me. He’d been uneasy all day. The Nikto force user had chosen to stay, despite the approaching danger. Grif and Tassik had begged the man to come, but he was firm in his resolve to remain. I could tell standing next to him that Tassik was having second thoughts about letting the man stay. I understand Tassik’s desire to bring the force user with us, his desire to have a willing teacher. But I have no desire to take the man with us against his will. After all, weren’t we here to help ensure the liberty of each and ever individual Nikto on this island?

Nikto watched the outside of the ship with anticipation, their fingers dancing around the triggers of their weapons. The gang way opened with no great speed, not surprising on a ship as well used as that one. What was surprising was the head of Jay’s contact rolling down the gangplank. Even more surprising was the contingent of clone troopers and the cloaked man at the entrance of the ship. The man headed towards the mountain base. And if this weren’t enough excitement, Tassik went running off towards the secret entrance of the mountain base. I followed.

Threading through the mass of large tall Nikto bodies, I barely managed to keep Tassik in sight, and once out of the crowd the little brat broke into a force run, making it impossible for me to keep up. I love Tassik like a brother, but at times I wish he’d be a little less of a headstrong little brother. I radioed back to the Captain that I was following Tassik back into the mountain. I believe Grif swore a bit, and then okayed my pursuit. I think.

As I entered into the facility leading to the corridor to the mountain base, the sounds of a battle erupted. Pressing forward, my ARBE droid provided feed back on what lay ahead. While on the elevator that moved from the space port to the mountain complex, I tried to asses what threats lay ahead. I was pretty sure that the hooded man was some type force user, and was intent on harming the old Nikto, who wouldn’t be able to defend himself from a lightsaber. And he was still very weak from healing Tassik.

I rounded a corner to find Tassik; he was looking around, trying to locate something. It was dark, like dusk in a forest, little rays of warm orange light darted through the area, but not enough to provide light to see well. I assumed he’d already encountered the evil force user. When he saw me, he ignited his lightsaber and approached, demanding I put down my weapon. His eyes were narrowed, angry and determined. I slowly put down my gun and my deck, placing them on the floor in front of me. He continued to approach, prepared to fight. I had started to worry when he demanded I put down my weapon, leaving me defenseless if the dark force user returned. I started to panic when he continued to advance in an aggressive manner after the gun was down. I called out his name, not Tassik, but his real name, asking him to stop, telling him who I was. For the only time in my experiences with Tassik, I lost my trust in him. The fear that he’d be no different than the clones flashed through my head. When he was about 2 meters away he stopped, and looked at me as if he were seeing me for the first time. His lightsaber flickered off. Then as if called by an inaudible cry, he dashed off away from me down the hallway. I retrieved my gun and followed, ARBE behind me, protesting the wisdom of my actions.

The old Nikto lay on the ground, alive, but in poor health. The dark force user and Tassik were engaged in a battle, using lightsabers as well as force powers. I did the only thing I could, I shot at the dark force user, not the wisest thing, but the hope was it’d provide a distraction and end the battle sooner. At one point the dark force user got angry with me, and I was hit by force lightning, though my deck took the bulk of it. Force lightning feels as if thousands of small, needle like are stabbed into your body, and then horrible molten heat energy is sent through them. The experience lasted maybe 5 seconds, perhaps less, maybe 3 seconds, but enough for a lifetime of wanting to avoid it in the future. I honestly don’t remember how the dark force user met his end, but I believe Tassik finished off the dark force user with his lightsaber.

The old Nikto smiled up at Tassik as he bent over the old man, trying to help him. The spoke, and eventually Tassik stepped back, gently releasing the old man from his touch. Tassik bade a sad farewell to the man who had help improve his life, both physically and spiritually. And then we ran, trying to get out of the mountain as fast as we could, following the old Nikto’s last instruction to us.

When we were out of the mountain passage, the mines lining the way in were detonated, preventing anyone else from entering, forcing us forward into the combat ahead. The Captain had led the Nikto well, the fighting was almost done when we arrived. The casualty rate was high, 50 of the 450 Nikto had died in the battle. Once on board the ship, we had to employ some creative computing and flying. I hooked into the ships computer and sat in the hall of the Hutt ship trying to restore all the programs needed. I would have gone up to the bridge, but I didn’t really feel like moving any more than I needed to at that moment. As we lifted off, Tassik would tell me later, a burst of the light side energy came from the mountain, like the beam of a lighthouse in the darkest night.

Right after the ship left the immediate vicinity of the island, the force users began to have problems, some great evil in the force was close by, causing them pain and fear. Then a large weapon was fired from space, obliterating the mountain. Some fancy flying and a great deal of luck lead us on a path that provided an escape. There were also incoming ships, not imperial, but a variety of different ships. The Captain believed them to be the bounty hunters, arriving a day early.

The only other trouble we ran into was caused by an astromech droid that had gotten into an auxiliary command area and fouled up one of our drives. The droid was quickly taken care of, but the drive problem required some work. Being in a mood to avoid all force using types, I volunteered to go fix the problem. I was about ½ ways through when the Captain decided to call and check up on things. Tassik informed him mid-way through the conversation that I’d been hurt, which yes, I had been, but nothing I couldn’t handle. The Captain disagreed and it was into the bacta tank with me.


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Yeah the clone troopers showed up at last. Oh wait I mean boo..oh man now i've confused my self again.

*Cool Story*

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