Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Time on Kintan

During the argument, Tassik looked overwhelmed by the emotions flying freely in the exchange. Neither Grif nor Malessa were minding their thoughts, and were certainly being betrayed by them. Now that saying that General Kenobi kept telling Skywalker makes some sense, damn, I owe my demolitions captain 10 credits now. The tension was palpable, such was its intensity. But in addition to the anger and frustration that flowed between them, there was also quite a bit of positive emotion present. While I suspect Tassik would have given quite a bit to be able to disappear through the floor, Jay seemed to be enjoying the show. Personally, it just added another perspective, with some vivid color and detail, to my understanding of the Captain. Noble and proud, with a soft side and a strong libido would be the very abridged version.

The force user I had encountered before was something of a leader for the Nikto. I don’t much of the story regarding the man’s history, but while he was strong with the force, and was aware of his powers, he had not received traditional force training at any academy. I’m under the impression he had a teacher at some point in his life, but had discovered the force through self teaching. He was a kind patient being, and very determined to help Tassik, which made it hard for me to think ill of him, even if had ordered his Wookie friend to kidnap me earlier in the day. Malessa had provided some care of the body, but there was little she could do for Tassik’s force damage. I was cautiously optimistic that the Nikto could pick up the care where she had ended.

After one day on the island, there wasn’t much evacuation movement happening, so I asked Grif his plan for getting all the Nikto off the planet, I was sure he had one, he is the captain. And he did have a plan, it just didn’t have a time budget. His face did one of those interesting emotional transitions I rarely saw in the military when he was told of his three day time limit. The time constraint sparked an idea in someone, I don’t remember who, though it wasn’t Jay, she was avoiding the Captain. The plan was modified; Jay would get in touch with her contact and persuade him to lend us a ship, promises of slaves were to be dangled in front of him. Convincing the Nikto to leave was Grif’s job, Tassik and I aren’t really sales people material. And after some time, to his credit, the captain managed to convince these people to leave their planet.

The plan was to get the slave ship boarded and then taken over. The Redemption can only hold about ½ of the population present. It was pretty simple and quite doable. The crew seemed to support it with enthusiasm. All the non-combatants were to be placed on our ship, which would depart ahead of the slave ship’s approach. The remaining Nikto would conceal their weapons on their person until the signal was given to attack. Sounded pretty simple.

While we were running around and organizing, Tassik had been getting help from force using Nikto. The Nikto had healed him somehow, restored him. Tassik looked like the same young man I had met not too long ago on a Republic starship. It must have taken a lot out of the Nikto, he looked exhausted.

That night (once again, my memory of exact time is a bit hazy) Grif and Tassik decided to have a sparing match with lightsabers. Tassik still had his Master’s lightsaber, and let Grif borrow it for the practice session. The Captain went to great pains to ensure that no one would observe them, but on a ship the size of the Redemption, there really are no secrets or private places, especially no private cargo bays. I was on duty to watch over the ships sensors and readings, and B’nar came in, telling me to pull up the camera on cargo bay 3. It had been deactivated, but was easily turned back on and signal re-established. We let the crew who were still awake know what was going on, sending the image to a few of their work posts.

The fight was interesting to watch; they were very quick and employed a fair amount of movement, using the majority of the cargo bay’s open floor area. It only lasted a few minutes, and most of the crew that had watched headed down to the cargo bay doors to greet them as the combatants came out. While I’m bratty enough to let everyone watch on a monitor, I’m neither mean nor dumb enough to let them through the locked door until the fight was done and the lightsabers put away. After the fight, I went down as well, to check in on them, to see if the captain was unhappy with my actions. He and Tassik were talking. I saw Tassik offer his Master’s lightsaber to Grif, and I saw Grif refuse it. There was a mixture of pain, disappointment and sadness on Tassik’s face as the gift was denied, but only for a short moment, then his face resumed its normal look. I was so angry at the Captain for refusing the gift because that refusal caused Tassik disappointment. The Jedi way, Grif’s sense of being and honor, it’s all foreign to me, and I understand that they will have reasons for their actions I will never fully understand or appreciate. It took me several days to completely resolve my resentment towards the Captain.


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Keep up the good work :)

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keep up the good work :)

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